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Coming up on Vulpes Libris

After three weeks’ serious exploration of alternative publishing models, we’re back to our usual this week; which, of course, means anything BUT usual. Sit back and wallow in three enthralling, … Continue reading

May 3, 2015 · Leave a comment

The Worst Girlfriend in the World by Sarra Manning

Whew! It’s been a week of gloriously roasting temperatures even up here in usually mild Scotland. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the garden, with a glass of icy something, … Continue reading

July 26, 2014 · 1 Comment

Singapore high-rise

Lee Jing-Jing’s novel If I Could Tell You is haunting, affectionate, honest, and placidly down-to-earth. I couldn’t put it down: her writing is beautifully subtle, and the story winds you … Continue reading

May 1, 2013 · 6 Comments

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Anna Cheska – a necessary chaser between grim books

Imogen’s marriage has hardly been an exciting affair but when her husband dies, she’s alarmed to discover that Edward hadn’t been nearly as predictable as she’d always thought … She’s … Continue reading

November 1, 2012 · 5 Comments

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – a stonkingly good novel and a worthy prizewinner

Greece in the age of heroes. Patroclus, an awkward young prince, has been exiled to the court of King Peleus and his perfect son Achilles. Despite their differences, Achilles befriends … Continue reading

August 30, 2012 · 16 Comments

The Other Half Lives by Sophie Hannah – where I’m with the half that died …

Ruth Bussey knows what it means to be in the wrong and to be wronged. She once did something she regrets, and her punishment nearly destroyed her. Now Ruth is … Continue reading

August 16, 2012 · 18 Comments

Island of Wings by Karin Altenberg – a novel which tries hard but doesn’t quite manage to fly

It’s 1830. Neil and Lizzie MacKenzie, a newly married young couple, arrive at the remotest part of the British Isles: St Kilda. He is a minister determined to save the … Continue reading

June 28, 2012 · 13 Comments

The Two Mrs Robinsons by Donna Hay – and now for something charmingly different

All Eve ever wanted was the security of a loving husband and family, so when Oliver left her and started a new family with Anna, she could never entirely let … Continue reading

June 14, 2012 · 4 Comments

Sleeping Arrangements by Madeleine Wickham: a holiday to remember

Chloe needs a holiday. She’s sick of making wedding dresses and her partner is having trouble at work. Her wealthy friend Gerard has offered the loan of his luxury villa … Continue reading

May 10, 2012 · 7 Comments

The Lives of Ghosts by Megan Taylor: surrendering to the poetry of the dark

After her parents are killed in a car accident, twelve-year-old Liberty Fuller is left in the care of her young pregnant stepmother, Marie. Bewildered and grief stricken, Marie and Liberty … Continue reading

May 3, 2012 · 5 Comments

Death Comes To Pemberley by P. D. James – but doesn’t leave much of an impression

The year is 1803, and Darcy and Elizabeth have been married for six years. There are now two handsome and healthy sons in the Pemberley nursery, Elizabeth’s beloved sister Jane … Continue reading

April 26, 2012 · 14 Comments

The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz: detecting perfection and a classic revisited

It is November 1890 and London is gripped by a merciless winter, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are enjoying tea by the fire when an agitated gentleman arrives unannounced at … Continue reading

March 29, 2012 · 8 Comments

Hidden by Katy Gardner – a question of trust

A simple game of hide-and-seek turns into a nightmare when Mel is unable to find her daughter in all her usual hiding places. So begins this stunning psychological thriller about … Continue reading

March 22, 2012 · 4 Comments

Heart of Tango by Elia Barcelo: where I am swept off my feet by an almost perfect passion

It is the 1920s in Buenos Aires. A young woman is to be married to a sailor much older than herself. Everything seems lost for Natalia, but then she meets … Continue reading

March 8, 2012 · 5 Comments



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