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Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs website

When I discovered this website early in the summer, I was delighted. It was so offbeat, yet educational, that I was intrigued. And best of all it was about dinosaurs! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never outgrown my love of dinosaurs and here was a website which catered to people like me. But that’s not to say that it’s childish, it’s not. It’s full of factual reports from scientists and paleontologists making new discoveries in the lab or in the field, with links to scientific papers and magazine articles.
The core of the website is paleoart, artists recreating representations of prehistoric life, mainly dinosaurs, but early mammals and others are also included. You would be surprised at how many different styles the artists work in, from fine art to graphic novels and whimsical cartoons. It is a joy seeing how this type of art has evolved over the years and the various ways that time period is portrayed.
The best part of the site are the book reviews, frequently featuring children’s books of past decades. These are wonderfully snarky and hilariously entertaining, often taking on a narrative of their own. The irreverent tone is mixed with criticism of the zoological inaccuracies in a sharp, but never nasty way. Many are books the authors remember from childhood, so there’s a fondness for them, despite all of the >>
Along with books, there are reviews of toys, films and Tv shows featuring prehistoric beasts. Then there’s the museum visits, where reviewers report back from dinosaur exhibits at museums all over the world. Between their observations and photos, it can feel like readers are along on the trip as well.
The website has been active since 2009 and they post nearly every week, in addition to a round-up of all the dinosaur news at the end of each month. That means there’s a treasure trove of back catalog to dig into if, like me, you don’t want to miss anything. The name appears to be a play on the Gabriel Garcia-Marquez novel title “Love in the Time of Cholera”. A Chasmosaur is a dinosaur of the type formerly called Triceratops and there’s a cute little mascot at the top of their homepage.
So, if you like dinosaurs, science or humor or a combination thereof, I urge you to visit Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs , you will almost certainly enjoy it.

Jackie has reviewed other dinosaur topics for VL, such as Lost Dinosaurs , a dinosaur novel and a master of the genre Mark Witton .

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