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Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie

When I started this book, I thought it would be as frothy as the top of a root beer float, but it turned out to be rather delightful. In fact, that’s probably a word used in one of the blurbs on the paperback version, “a delightful romp” maybe?
Unlike many romance, it doesn’t start with the “meet cute” portion, but in the midst of a breakup, when Nick unexpectedly knocks on ex-girlfriend Tess’s apartment door with a request that she spend the weekend with him pretending to be his fiance. Yes, that is a typical rom com setup, but like much else in this entertaining book, it’s still enjoyable.
Nick is a straight-laced corporate lawyer, whose main goal is to make partner in his firm, which is owned by the father of a college friend, Park. Tess is a literature teacher at a local school, an environmental activist who grew up on a commune. Their dichotomy provides the attractions and altercations in their relationship.
Tess agrees to accompany Nick on the corporate outing, bringing her friend, Broadway chorus girl Gina, as a date for Nick’s colleague and you can imagine the effect the two unconventional women have on the upper class guests.
It’s true that much of the novel is predictable and I even guessed the identity of the mystery character. But it was still fun watching the spontaneous Tess encourage Nick to embrace adventure. And see how Nick could charm her into looking behind his friends’ stuffy facades. I liked how Tess remained a strong, independent character and didn’t get the usual makeover that happen to many women in romances. And it was a good depiction of how couples can encourage each other while embracing their differences.
There was a cat that was consistently forgotten and a few improbable incidents, but overall, this book was an above average slice of escapism and left me smiling at the end.

Harlequin 2009 336 pp. ISBN-13: 978-0373773527

3 comments on “Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie

  1. Diana
    February 16, 2016

    Sounds like quite an interesting read.

  2. Kate
    February 16, 2016

    The forgotten cat: I’m anxious about that now. Was it important? Or just, it’s not goof to forget a cat?

  3. Jackie
    February 16, 2016

    The cat was more of a consistency problem, as it would feature largely in parts of the book, but then not mentioned at all in other situations where it should have been. For instance, there’s a break-in at Tess’s apartment & she goes to stay the night at a friend, but the cat isn’t mentioned till the next morning. Why wasn’t she worried about the cat when she came home & found the door broken open?
    Btw, the cat was found safely, thank goodness.

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