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Medieval Week on VL

A few months ago, Founder Bookfox Leena suggested we do a week devoted to literature of the Middle Ages. It was greeted with Huzzahs in The Den and we began riffling through the dusty tomes of our bookcases looking for just the right things for each of us to do. But then, we got distracted by chocolate rabbits and colorful flowers to the point where knights and castles faded from our memories like the rapidly melting piles of snow. Until, like a hunter’s trumpet in the distance, we recalled our noble intentions and finally have finished gilding our thoughts on these archaic words, which we now present to you, our dear lords and ladies.


Monday- Jackie starts the week off on a gloomy note with an Ancient Irish love poem.

Wednesday- Kate traces the evolution of King Arthur.

Thursday-Moira reacquaints herself with the sleeping saints, grey apple trees and loyal-unto-death thanes of her youth as she re-visits The Anglo Saxon Chronicle.

Friday-Leena finds something truly bizarre in the Middle English chivalric romance, Amis and Amiloun‘.

Saturday- Hilary takes a totally non-expert look at medieval chronicles, and finds one in particular to be a cracking good read.

Atmospheric photo of Olavinlinna Castle in Finland from Speak Finnish website.

One comment on “Medieval Week on VL

  1. Ooh, looking forward to this!

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