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Podcast: Vulpes gets hip and happening with Cargo Publishing

In the first ever official Vulpes Libris generated podcast (ok ok,  we had Edward Petherbridge’s recording this month – but not sure if it counts as “Vulpes Libris generated”) Eve and Rosy get  hip and happening as they chat to, perhaps, the youngest  Managing Director they’ve ever met – Mark Buckland – about his company, Cargo Publishing.

Cargo’s latest release is a collection of contemporary Scottish writing, The Year of Open Doors, including pieces by writers such as Aidan Moffatt, Alan Bissett, Doug Johnstone, Sophie Cooke, Kirsten Innes, Duncan McLean and Suhayl Saadi along with many others.

Determined to “put a firework up the arse of Scottish Literature” ( The Skinny), Mark  talks about live literature, open submissions,  and Cargo’s brainwave to release The Year of Open Doors simultaneously as both a book and to team up with Chemikal Underground to release the stories as a series of individually downloadable “singles” –  for 69p each.

So…seatbelts fastened…click below to hear the full interview:

And, as a special treat, Mark sent us this extract of  a story by Aidan Moffat (of  band, Arab Strap, fame) – The Donaldson Boy – to give a taster of the collection.

Thanks so much to Mark for speaking to us.

To find out more about The Year of Open Doors click here.

Photograph copyright: Rachel Gallagher

5 comments on “Podcast: Vulpes gets hip and happening with Cargo Publishing

  1. Moira
    September 25, 2010

    I enjoyed that so much! And I think it was very brave of Mark to put himself at the mercy of Rosy and Eve …

    Fascinating interview, too – covering an awful lot of ground that was completely new to me. I love the idea of downloading short stories like songs …!

    Brilliant experiment – and it worked beautifully.

  2. Lisa
    September 25, 2010

    This interview has absolutely made my day. Brilliant, energetic and fun. Cargo sound like an excellent publisher. Breath of fresh air. And I am equally thrilled to discover that Aidan Moffat from Arab Strap is writing fiction. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end when I heard that amazing voice. “The Clearing” by Arab Strap is one of my all time favourite songs. I used to listen to Arab Strap obsessively when I was in my teens and most weekends would go to a specialist record shop in Plymouth with my then boyfriend to search for any new Arab Strap recordings, usually on vinyl. The music hasn’t dated at all. Still feels as fresh now as back in the mid nineties. *Fangirl rant over*

    Anyhoo, thanks to Mark, Rosy and Eve for the podcast. Lovely to hear. More podcasts, please!

  3. Hilary
    September 25, 2010

    It’s lovely to hear voices – Foxes’ and other’s. Such energy and fun in this interview – which isn’t really an interview at all, but the best sort of conversation. Brilliant job by all.

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