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hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

hush hush As you may remember I did a little quiet sort of piece a while ago called Why I Hate Twilight…?  Anyway, not wishing to stir up the same old arguments, I am going to refer back to it only briefly in this review since there are a number of similarities between hush hush and Twilight… and then there are some fabulous differences.  However, this is not a total compare and contrast piece, just a “see how well it could have been done” one.

This is a teen novel about an ordinary girl with a beaten up old car, living with her single parent in a small town America where it there’s constant bad weather who is intrigued by an alluring, gorgeous, mysterious boy after she’s forced to sit next to him in biology class ~ okay… guess the book?   So hush hush and Twilight share a few plot points, but those few little details are where the similarities end.  The main reason I hated Twilight is nowhere to be found in hush hush; the main character of Nora Grey is no Bella Swan!

Nora Grey is forced to sit next to the new boy, known only as Patch, in biology class and they’re instructed to find out as much as they can about each other.  Brooding, sexy, mysterious Patch seems to know a lot about Nora, but refuses to give anything away about himself.  Encouraged by her hilarious friend Vee, Nora tries to find out Patch’s secret and discovers a lot more than she bargained for.

hush hush is wonderfully written, I fell deeply under its spell the moment I started reading.  I read it in less than 24 hours and anyone who knows the time-pressed, hectic lifestyle I lead will know how difficult it is for me to find 5 minutes to respond to an email never mind sit down to read an entire book!  The pages sizzle with bad-boy attraction and will-they-won’t-they scenes.  Patch is the epitome of a dangerous, attractive hero and I did find myself wondering at *ahem* years old whether it was right for me to be mentally egging Nora on. But Nora needed no advice from me, she is a strong-willed, capable, feisty girl who was every bit Patch’s equal.  Yay, girl-power is back!  There’s a bit of stalkerish behaviour by Patch but Nora deals with him pretty well and is normally spooked by it all, as would be expected.  And Nora does lie a fair bit to cover her tracks but nothing more than I did when I was seventeen and there are enough repercussions when she does do dangerous things to see her pay the price. And the best bit about it all is that although she’s a fair bit out of control over this gorgeous boy, she really is very much in charge of her own destiny and she can give as good as she gets.  I really loved Vee, Nora’s best-friend who was given some of the best lines in the book and made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions.  The interaction between the two girls was brilliantly described.

hush hush is an outstanding debut novel; beautifully written, compelling and full of taught emotion.  The characters are identifiably real despite the paranormal aspect but without doubt the most outstanding quality for me is that Nora Grey is a force to be reckoned with and proves just as powerful, if not more so than the boys.

I’m not going to give away much of the plot here, because the book isn’t out until the end of October and I don’t want to put in any inadvertent spoilers.  If you want to know more then visit Becca Fitzpatrick’s website where there’s a link to the first two chapters and you can see a trailer here…

hush hush is released in the UK on the 29th October and in the US on October 13th.

About Eve Harvey

Eve Harvey is a bookaholic. She is forever to be found with her nose in a book. If there are none around then newspapers, magazines, the back of cereal packets, road signs or the tiny washing labels found on the seams of jumpers will do. Eve used to have full time job as a children's bookseller and she was the very first Waterstone's Children's Expert Bookseller in Scotland. Her first love was definitely literature for children and teens, about which she has nerd-level knowledge. However she has since become involved in grown-up books and has co-written her first adult novel with Cath Murphy. Eve and Cath Podcast, blog and have far too much fun on their website Domestic Hell. Eve lives in a field just outside Edinburgh in Scotland with her daughter and son and two dogs and two rabbits. She also has some tanks of tropical fish and vows one day to start up a marine aquarium. And the day she signs her very first publishing deal she is going to celebrate by buying a pair of Horsefields tortoises. You can find Eve through her Agent, Ella Kahn at DKW Literary Agency. She's also on Twitter or on her website :

9 comments on “hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

  1. Jackie
    September 13, 2009

    Oh wow, your enthusiasm really came through on this one, I’d like to read it myself. It sounds as if the submissive woman stuff is completely absent in this, compared to Twilight, plus the humor & good friendship. I like the idea of it all. It’s too bad it won’t become as popular as the other one, but maybe it will do well enough to give it some competition. In any case, it sounds enjoyable for people across a wide age range.

  2. Moira
    September 13, 2009

    Ooh. You really know how to write a “come hither” review, don’t you, Our Eve? This sounds thoroughly intriguing …

  3. Hilary
    September 13, 2009

    Great review, Eve! Fascinated to read your analysis in which you discriminate between ‘hush hush’ and ‘Twilight’. If you get 98 responses and counting for this one, my faith in the future will be restored!

  4. Lisa
    September 15, 2009

    “There’s a bit of stalkerish behaviour by Patch but Nora deals with him pretty well and is normally spooked by it all, as would be expected.”

    Love that, Eve. Great review. Excellent, spooky cover too.

  5. David
    December 19, 2009

    I recently received a copy of “Hush, Hush” for my christmas, and I can fully understand your reason for being so enthusiastic!! Although there may be some similarities between this book and the “Twilight” series, I believe it has taken only good parts from it, and from there onwards has jumped to a new level all of it’s own. I enjoyed the story immensely, and am stuck greedily anticipating the release of “Crescendo” in the coming fall.

  6. Shannon
    January 16, 2010

    😀 i’ve read it and i loved it! i read in a day aswell…couldn’t put it down.

  7. chelsey
    April 23, 2010

    i love hush hush it was so kul it is like my favorite book yet there should totally be a second book anyway love the book

  8. Cindy
    May 24, 2010

    I love HUSH, HUSH! Its awesome!

  9. Ashli
    March 24, 2011

    I have read Hush, hush AND Crescendo.. I’m reading the second book again 😛 already read Hush, Hush twice. I might even read them a third time… If the third book doesn’t come out soon. 😀 But it is a very good series! Patch is like my dream guy! ♥ :3

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