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A Minor Change of Plan: the 2009 Russian Series Quiz

p1060154The bad news is that, due to a Series of Unfortunate, Not Particularly Awful but Fundamentally Rather Irritating Events, the Russian Series is unable to bring you Alexandra Kollontai’s unique perspective on the question of prostitution and labour desertion today.

The good news is that you have a fun Russian and Soviet studies quiz to tide you over.  Answer the questions below and send your answers to kirstyrussia AT  If you get them all right, your name will go into a hat – a very fetching one, with a bow – for a chance to win your very own copy of Chris Ward’s Stalin’s Russia (ordered just for you via an online bookshop).  The draw will be carried out by an unimpeachable authority otherwise known as Koba.

All the answers to the questions below can be found in previous Russian Series articles.  The question is… have you been paying attention? (If you need a little refresher, you can find the Russian Series here.)

1.  Who was Trotsky’s earliest biographer, and what did he do that is so frustrating?

2.  Which story by Tolstoy attracted Kirsty’s ire in Hatchet Job Week?

3.  According to Gorky, what do socialists never do?

4.  What is the most famous thing Alexandra Kollontai never said?

5.  How did Lenin and Trotsky get on?  (Be brief)

6.  How does Simon Sebag Montefiore characterise Stalin’s mother -in-law?

7.  Which word did Trotsky coin in Literature and Revolution to describe Vladimir Mayakovsky?

8.  What is the name of Lermontov’s alleged Scottish ancestor?

9.  What is the perfect accessory for the Soviet historian on the run?

10.  Which famous revolutionary possessed a pair of striking yellow shoes?

The draw closes on Saturday, 31 January at midnight Chile time (GMT -3).  Good luck!

Thanks to Colin for the picture of Koba reading up on his classics.

9 comments on “A Minor Change of Plan: the 2009 Russian Series Quiz

  1. RosyB
    January 27, 2009

    I think I can get about 7 out of those and I’ve read every one of the series!

    But surely “How did Trotsky and Lenin get on” is a bit of difficult one to answer. I think if they were on Facebook they’d probably have ticked “it’s complicated”.

  2. kirstyjane
    January 27, 2009

    That is a tricky one. But it’s all laid out very nicely in one of the pieces *cough*Swain*cough* so all that needs to be tested are the old powers of synthesis… you did it nicely there!

  3. Lisa
    January 27, 2009

    Ooh, tricky one, Kirsty. The Geek-in-residence thinks he’s going to enter but I’ve banned him (especially as he thinks he can just ask me for the answers, and worse than Rosy, I only know about half of them.)

  4. Jackie
    January 28, 2009

    Koba is such a beautiful cat. I’d love to be able to see him fishing the winner out of the hat, that would be amusing.

  5. kirstyjane
    February 1, 2009

    Drumroll please!

    The winner is…. Lucie Schaap!

    Lucie, email me your address and a copy of Stalin’s Russia will be winging its way to you!

  6. Lucie
    February 1, 2009

    wow. never ever again shall I say that I never ever win a thing.
    thank you.

  7. Moira
    February 1, 2009

    Hey! Many congratulations, Lucie. 🙂

  8. Jackie
    February 1, 2009

    Way to go, Lucie!

  9. bobbMovie
    December 22, 2009

    I’ve been actually searching for related info. Im lucky I ended up here. Thank you

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