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The Swordfish And The Star, by Gavin Knight

Without being planned, this has turned into a two-thirds complete Cornish theme week. Which is brilliant, as the insights into being inspired as a writer by Cornwall in Bookfox Moira’s … Continue reading

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Coming up on Vulpes Libris …

If I were to be so foolish as to try to encapsulate this week on Vulpes Libris, I might say something like ‘Surrealism bracketed by Cornwall’ … but I’m not … Continue reading

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Surreal old people: Leonora Carrington’s The Hearing Trumpet

This very slim novel is a fantasia on being old, and explores how one would survive when there is very little left to lose in conditions of extreme oddness. The … Continue reading

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In Conversation with: Liz Fenwick

  Today on Vulpes Libris, we’re pleased to welcome Liz Fenwick, the award-winning author of The Cornish House, A Cornish Affair, A Cornish Stranger and Under A Cornish Sky. After … Continue reading

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Strange Gardens / Effroyables Jardins by Michel Quint

I’ll be honest – when I was going through my tbr shelves to decide what I’d read for this theme week, it was entirely length that dictated my decision. Michel … Continue reading

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Manawydan’s Glass Door (d’apres David Jones, 1931) by Heather Dohollau

This is a new poet to me and one I was happy to discover. Though born in Wales, she moved to France as a young woman and lived the rest … Continue reading

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La Machine Infernale (The Infernal Machine) by Jean Cocteau

‘Watch now, spectator. Before you is a fully wound machine. Slowly its spring will unwind the entire span of a human life. It is one of the most perfect machines … Continue reading

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Coming up on Vulpes Libris:

This week on Vulpes Libris, we’ve gone all Gallic and are concentrating our attention on French Writing (as opposed to French Writers … which is a slightly different thing). All … Continue reading

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My Name is Emily: A Teenage Road Movie with an Incredible Back Story

Review from the Edinburgh Film Festival 2016 At film festivals, films may be shown fleetingly – maybe two public showings in total. So, Edinburgh Film Festival has something called the … Continue reading

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American music writing

Guest reviewer Brad Bigelow from The Neglected Books Page gives us a joyous blast of musical literary Americana. When Kate asked me to step in and provide a piece this week, … Continue reading

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Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl

Hope Jahren is a scientist, now based in Hawai’i, but she’s worked in and built laboratories all over the USA. She’s a plant scientist, a palaeobotanist and geobiologist, searching for … Continue reading

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Walking by Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau is one of America’s quintessential writers. He embodies that independent spirit that is so stereotypical of our image. Not so much in Walden, which could’ve been written by any … Continue reading

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Coming Up on Vulpes Libris: American Writing week

So, this 4th of July thing. It means very little in the UK, for instance, except perhaps for some early Wimbledon frisson. It means not a lot in France, apart … Continue reading

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Dirtbag Josephus: a tribute to The Toast

The Toast is closing down today. I KNOW. The Toast was the source of many wondrous things. But my personal favourite was Mallory Ortberg’s gallery of dirtbags. So today, by … Continue reading

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